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Our Calendar


Our school year runs from the Wednesday after Labor Day to the last week in May before Memorial Day. The preschool will be closed for all major holidays.

Our calendar closely follows that of District 50 (Woodland) and is available on the parent table at the preschool. Monthly calendars of themes and activities will also be available on the parent table outside the classroom.

Please note that calendar dates & times are subject to change throughout the year. Notifications of changes will be sent out.

In case of inclement weather, we will follow District 50 in deciding on whether we close or remain open.

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School Calendar


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Curriculum Themes

A sample of a student's work. It is a colored in penguin that has had water sprayed on it to show what happens if a penguin gets wet.
Play-doh words in various color saying "snack time"
Enjoying the playground & the outdoor area three yong boys run around the edge of a playground covered i woodchips onto a grassy area to avoid running into a small slide

A Typical Day at Tiny Treasures

Greeting Time:
The children arrive, put personal items away, check in, wash hands and work on table activities. Table activities can be language activities, numbers, reading, writing, easel, sensory table, games or play-doh.

Gathering Time:
The children meet together on the rug. We pray, sing, discuss the learning board, calendar and weather. They check-out the job board to see their job for the day.

Guided Free Play:
Centers are open and the children rotate to the different areas which include art, writing center, dramatic play area, science center, reading corner, sensory table, blocks, toys and puzzles. They explore and interact with friends & teachers.

The children gather on the rug for stories and songs or fingerplays.

We wash our hands and sit together before saying a prayer and eating a healthy snack. The children then clean up their own snack and enjoy “book look” time while waiting for everyone to be finished. They can choose a book individually or in a group on the rug.

Large Motor / Music:

The children will have the opportunity to use their large and gross motor skills on the playground equipment, in the classroom, or in the gym.

Group Time:
This is the time we explore with S.T.E.A.M activities, we write in our journals, bake or take nature walks.

Closing Circle:
The children review the day, say a prayer and sing a goodbye song.

Special Events and Field-trips

  • Chapel Time: Each month our students attend a mini-worship session in the main sanctuary with one of our church pastors. Parents are always welcome to attend. The top left photo show Pastor Erik leading the children in a workshop.

  • Bookmobile: The children are visited by the Warren-Newport Library Bookmobile each month to foster the love of reading and encourage children to visit their local library.

  • Visitors: On occasion we have visitors in the classroom to provide additional insight on a topic the children are exploring. We have had a children's dentist teach about dental health, a firefighter teach about fire safety, and high school students sharing information about recycling. We always welcome ideas and connections to people who would want to present about a topic to the children.

  • Parents: are encouraged to help out in the classroom and attend holiday parties to celebrate their child. We welcome both regular, weekly parent volunteers as well as parents helping out for a special event such as a holiday party.

  • Field trips: We schedule field trips throughout the year to enrich the learning experience and have some fun! Parents will be asked to sign a permission slip and will need to drive their child to and from the field trip location. Previous field trips include Kroll's Farm in October as seen to in the bottom right photo.

  • Mission Projects: Each year we try to do mission projects to help the local community and teach the values of charity, kindness, generosity, and love. We have helped support PADS Lake County, Busy Bee Day Care in Waukegan, Bernie's Book Bank, and Feed My Starving Children .

Chapel Time with Pastor Erik. He can be seen in front of th pulpit and stairs leading up to it holding one end of a tape measure. The other end is off screen
Corn Maze visit. Four children in jackets (closest one also wearing a beanie) are seen walking away from the camera deeper into the corn maze.
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